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Stop losing sales because customers can't get financing!

Poor credit does not mean a rejection!

Who is Advance Credit Funding?

We are a company with over 50 years of equipment leasing and commercial finance experience. Having experience working with both vendors and customers we understand your business better than the lenders who have turned down your customer. We can help close sales. 

How do I know if my client qualifies for the Working Capital Program (WCP)?

The customer must be in business for 2 months, have at least $5,000 of monthly credit card transaction and meet a few other simple requirements. We can fund up to $1,000,000 in as little as 3 – 5 days.

We have over a 90% approval rate!

How much funding can be advanced with the WCP?

That depends upon your customer’s monthly credit card volume. We can provide 100%-150% of their monthly credit card volume.

Is there a Personal Guaranty?


Will taking a merchant cash advance affect the customer’s credit?


Can the advance be renewed?

Yes, after a portion of your advance is paid and the advance is in good standing, you can apply for additional funding. This allows you, the seller, to plan on another sale to the customer in about 4 months.

Is there a credit check?

Yes, primarily to look for tax liens. Poor credit does not necessarily mean a rejection.

How is WCP different from a bank loan?

We purchase future credit card processing receipts.  Each night the customer batches, we collect a percentage of the credit card sales; we continue the process until the advance is fully paid. 

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